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We're Hiring

Slinger Construction Inc., is a general contracting company offering construction services for the residential market. We service the Centre Wellington, Guelph & Waterloo region. 


While we love to have fun at work, at our core, we are a family focused business. To us, that means working with our staff to allow for the flexibility to attend important family events. 

Whether that means attending weekly sporting events or school activities/trips, we can be flexible and work with your schedule. In addition to the emphasis we place on family, we also hold customer experience above all else. Delivering exceptional customer service is at the heart of our business. We love building strong relationships with our customers to help augment the process of renovating their home.  We are looking for a team member who has strong family values and loves to create and develop relationships with others.

Administrative Assistant - PT

We are looking for an organized administrative assistant with a background in construction, shows initiative and drive, is a team player with a positive attitude and good communication skills. to join our growing team! 

Why Join Us?

  • Hybrid Work Environment (Work from Home 90% of the time, 10% on location)

  • Tight knit family operated business

  • Friendly and enjoyable work environment

Job Summary

The Administrative Assistant in a construction office provides vital administrative support to ensure the smooth operation of the office and efficient execution of construction projects. This role involves handling various clerical tasks, coordinating communication, managing documentation, and assisting with general office operations. The Administrative Assistant plays a crucial role in maintaining effective communication between different stakeholders, including project managers, contractors, suppliers, and internal staff.

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  1. General Administrative Support:

    • Answer phone calls, take messages, and direct inquiries to the appropriate individuals

    • Schedule appointments and confirm, meetings, and coordinate calendars for the construction office staff

    • Maintain filing systems, both physical and electronic, ensuring organization and easy retrieval of documents

    • Assist in preparing reports, presentations, and correspondence as required

  2. Communication Coordination:

    • Serve as a primary point of contact for internal teams and customers, providing information and assistance as needed

    • Facilitate communication between construction project teams, sub-contractors, suppliers, and other involved parties

    • Distribute project-related documents, such as plans, specifications, and updates, to appropriate personnel

    • Ensure timely dissemination of information through email, memos, or other communication channels

  3. Documentation and Record-Keeping:

    • Manage and update project-related documentation, including contracts, permits, change orders, and project reports

    • Maintain accurate and organized project files, ensuring all documentation is properly filed and archived

    • Assist in preparing and processing various construction-related documents, such as invoices, purchase orders, and subcontractor agreements

    • Track and maintain records of project-related expenses, invoices, and receipts

  4. Office Operations Support:

    • Work on multiple construction projects simultaneously

    • Assist with the coordination of meetings, including scheduling and preparation of materials

    • Assist in organizing company events, workshops, or training sessions

    • Provide support in managing equipment and supply inventory, as well as arranging repairs or maintenance when necessary

    • Support management of vendors, purchase orders, contracts etc.

    • Collaborate with internal teams to ensure timely completion of projects and compliance with regulatory guidelines.

    • Provide administrative support during project planning and execution phases.

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